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Pen Morrison
1535 Ashland
Houston, TX 77008

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  1. pen, heard u on KPFT, so i looked u ur site. love ur art. im always at whole food i will be searching out ur pc there, it is kirby right? and just wondering, is ur art for sale?

    • Yes, Phil, all the pieces at Cactus Music are for sale (except for the 3 that sold last night at the opening). That show at Cactus will be on display through September and you can check it out any time the store is open. My Lightnin’ Hopkins piece is at the Montrose store on Waugh and Dallas on the stone wall in the coffee bar area. I have a few on my web site that are for sale also.

      Thank you for your interest, keep in touch!

  2. Pen,

    Your work is awesome! I love the Nat King Cole, Cream in my Coffee. Did it sell? if not, I’m interested.

    Mary Kay

    • Thank you, Mary Kay, I love that piece! It has not sold yet. Shipping is not a problem as long as you have a good screwdriver on your end to unpack the crate. Shipping is usually from 70 – 90 bucks, depending on the weight, and this one is heavy because of that brown and white antique wood on it. All of the drinking series is $900. The size is 39 inches wide by 35 deep and as I said it is heavy so you’ll need a heavy duty hanger.
      Thanks so much for your interest!
      xxoo Pen

  3. Pen,

    Wedding expenses taxed by budget for now. I love the piece but I’ve got to hold off until I recoup a little!

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