Art: why?


At the Visual Art Studies program at the University of Florida, my graphic design teacher told us “If there isn’t an idea behind the work, it is irrelevant.” My 3-D design teacher challenged us by saying “Everything has been done before.” Instructor Jerry Uelsmann was also a strong influence, as he has been a pioneer in using collage within photography.

Later influences have been George Braque, Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Nevelson, more recently Joaquin Torres-Garcia, and of course blues and gospel music. I am interested in the transformation of trees to wood to building material to the art that I make. Cropping images is an essential part of my process, as well as utilization of fractions of old houses, using found objects, painting words & phrases, utilizing typefaces, and moving objects on a plane.

Why do I make art in addition to being a graphic designer? My degree was within the Fine Arts Department, and I have made art since I was little. To me design creation and art creation come from the same place.

I am happy to work in Houston, my home since graduation, as a graphic designer and artist.




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